In order to achieve a flawless construction plan it is vital to set a strategy based on the knowledge of the goals that need to be met, in technical, administrative, economic and financial regards. We value standard and proven construction methods, safety and hygiene compliances while mantainging an excellent logistical support. We also have high regards for deadlines and pre established goals.
Workplace Safety and Hygiene

» Collective Protection Equipments;
» Individual Protection Equipments;
» Safety Signage;
» Assesment and Risk Control;
» Safety Procedures Schematics: Construction Site Organization in Response to Emergencies; Workplace (Demolition Work; Excavation Work, amongst other); Tools and Equipments; Staff Responsabilities (Safety and Health Coordinator, Foreman, Mason, amongst others);
» Phsycosociology in the Work Environment.
  Construction Management

» Budget;
» Work Planning;
» Resource Calculations: Workers; Materials; Equipments;
» Measurement Inspections;
» Resources Control;
» Construction Economic Control;
» Material Control, Reception and Certification;
» Equipment Technical Control and Reception.
  Construction Safety Plan
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