We have great experience in all the necessary projects, as well as in all the guidelines and regarded legal aspects, in all phases of every previous control process. We provide for our clients demanding needs, by following style trends, technological innovations and keeping an eye on continuously shifting legal impositions, and also by mantaining our team in a stage of continuous qualification and training.
Architectural Projects

» Previous Information (Viability Request);
» Previous Communication;
» Residential: Single Family, Double Family, Collective;
» Commerce and Services;
» Public Equipments;
» Industrial Equipments;
» Zoning and Lotting;
» Tourism: Hotels, Tourism Villages, Resorts, Country Side Tourism, Camping and Caravan Parks, Wild Life Tourism.
» Reconstructions.
  Special Engineering Projects

» Demolition Projects;
» Stability Projects;
» Excavation and Peripheral Containment Projects;
» Electric Powering and Distribution Projects;
» Gas Installation Projects;
» Sewage and Water Projects;
» Rain Water Routing Projects;
» Communications and Telephonic Network Projects;
» Electro Mechanical Instalation Projects.
  Fire Safety in Buildings (3rd and 4th Hazard Categories)

» Buildings Fire Safety Schematics;
» Buildings Fire Safety Special Projects;
» Preventive Measures: Emergency Plans, Safety Guidelines, Preventive Procedures or Plans, Emergency Procedures or Plans, Trainning and Awareness Lessons, Simulations.

Topographic Services

(with High Precision GPS Laser Station)
» Topographic Listings;
» Architectural Listings;
» Construction Management;
» Terrain Optimization;
» Structural Monitoring;
» Construction Supervision;
» Construction Workforce Management;
» Geodesic National System Integration;
» Terrain Leveling.
Outdoors Interventions

Zoning / Lotting

Accessibility Schematics

Street Occupation Plan

Project Safety Plan

Consulting Services (Project and Construction)
Construction Supervision

Land Purchases, Legal and Burocratic Requirements Consulting Services

Special Projects Consulting Services

Residential Technical Schematics

Horizontal Property Declaration
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