Considering our line of work, we have many different concerns regarding environmental protection. One of these concerns is the energetic efficiency. We promote and maximize the conditions needed to achive thermal and acoustic comfort, reducing energy consumption and minimizing noise propagation coming from the exterior. That’s why we provide Energetic Audits in private but also public buildings. We also give special attention to construction and urban solid waste management.
Acoustic Evaluations and Projects

» Special Projects;
» Acoustic Evaluations of permanent or temporary activities that are highly probable to cause hazard, such as: Construction Works; Industrial Establishments; Commerce and Services Establishments; Outdoors Equipments; Entertainment or Shows; Sports Activities; Markets; Neighbour Related Noises; Work Related Noises.
  Thermal Behaviour Projects

» Projects for new and existing buildings (Declaration of Regulamentation Conformity and Energetic Certification).

Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning

» Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Projects;
» Energetic Audits.
  Indoors Air Quality

Environmental Impact Evaluations

Urban Solid Waste Projects

Construction and Demolition Waste Prevention and Management
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